About Us

Our Mission

Better Healthcare for Africa (BHA) is a secular, non-political, charitable organization working to improve healthcare in Africa with a focus on reducing suffering from cancer, improving maternal health and helping hospitals meet critical needs. Efforts supported by BHA include practical and effective cervical cancer screening, the use of breast examination, HIV awareness, and cancer education for healthcare professionals and communities.

Our Vision

To alleviate suffering due to disease by supporting prevention and education efforts, initiatives to improve maternal health, and by helping under-equipped hospitals in Zimbabwe meet urgent needs.

Our Objectives

  • To support cervical cancer prevention through cervical screening that uses visual inspection with acetic acid and cervicography (VIAC; cervicography refers to photographing the cervix for quality control)
  • To promote the use of HPV vaccination and HPV screening to prevent cervical cancer.
  • To promote the use of breast examination to reduce suffering from breast cancer.
  • To provide cancer education for healthcare providers and communities.
  • To promote awareness of HIV disease and its link to cancer and to prevent HIV infection.
  • To help St. Albert’s Mission Hospital and Karanda Mission Hospitals in particular meet urgent needs.
  • To raise funds to support these efforts.

Better Healthcare for Africa, Inc., was founded in February 2009 to assist St. Albert’s Mission Hospital, located in a remote area of northern Zimbabwe. BHA helps St. Albert’s meet equipment and supple needs and provide midwifery training. Cancer prevention and education is a major focus, and BHA assisted the hospital in developing and maintaining a cervical-cancer screening and education program. The BHA board of directors consists of six volunteers, so 95 percent of the dollars we raise support BHA activities.

For more information, email us at info@betterhealthcareforafrica.org

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  1. I have a burning desire of training as a general nurse at Muvonde school of nursing, so i posted my application letter together with the required documents, so im kindly asking you to confirm wether they have arrived in time.

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