Hunger at St. Albert’s – 2024

Last week, Dr. Julia Musariri, Medical Superintendent for St. Albert’s Mission Hospital, sent BHA the following photo and message.

“This morning, 26th February 2024, I found these women waiting for me. All wanted a menial job for a food hamper, of which we don’t have. A food hamper has corn meal, soya beans, peanut butter, sugar, salt, beans, rice, cooking oil, and a bar of soap. This is enough to keep hunger away for 10 to 14 days for a family of five. In the photo, it’s me crouched in front near to the waste bin. It’s impossible to give all these women a job. Heart breaking. The fields are not doing well, the rains are scanty which is not good for the crops. I am seeking some assistance towards the purchase of hampers if it’s possible.
Stay blessed. Julia”

Changing rainfall patterns due to climate change are making life difficult for subsistence farmers. Upon receiving Dr. Musariri’s email, BHA wanted to help. We wired $4,000 for hunger relief, enough to provide 420 food hampers. The hospital will give the hampers to the most needy, most of whom will earn them by doing jobs such as helping maintain the hospital grounds or other tasks.

Please use the donate button on this page to help us continue to assist Dr. Musariri and St. Albert’s ease the suffering of the women, children and men who come there for care.

Thank you…Darrell