Dr. Musariri: To our “friends in the background”

Hi, Everyone — After BHA posted and emailed the note about the successful Christmas party at St. Albert’s, and the year-end fundraising effort, Dr. Musariri sent a note adding her personal thanks to all 2021 donors.

Hello – We at St Albert’s Mission Hospital in rural Zimbabwe are ever thankful to our friends in the background, all those donors, who make crucial resources available. You have extended your hands to help us give service to the community around us and beyond. You urge us on when our courage weakens and our smiles vanish because needed resources are not available, and we are unable to assist those who come to us for help. Yet, those smiles reappear because our friends out there have made crucial materials available, and we can again assist those in need. 

  • the anaesthetic machine
  • the solar lighting
  • the various medical sundries and equipment
  • the cancer screening which has been on going 
  • topping off the doctors’ salary
  • the contracting of nurses for the VIAC department
  • the food hampers for the needy
  • the Christmas and New Year’s Party for the children and pregnant women
  • and the planned container which will bring the much needed Laundry Machines and other materials

Stay safe and blessed,

Dr. Julia Musariri
Medical Superintendent
St. Albert’s Mission Hospital