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Our Mission

Better Healthcare for Africa (BHA) is a secular, non-political, charitable organization working to improve healthcare in Africa with a focus on reducing suffering from cancer, improving maternal health and helping hospitals meet critical needs. Efforts supported by BHA include practical and effective cervical cancer screening, the use of breast examination, HIV awareness, and cancer education for healthcare professionals and communities.

Our Vision

To alleviate suffering due to disease by supporting cancer prevention and education efforts, initiatives to improve maternal health, and by helping under-equipped hospitals in Zimbabwe meet urgent needs.

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Why Donate

Whether $5 or $500, your donation will help ease suffering at St. Albert’s Mission Hospital. Donations are needed to:

  • Purchase needed supplies, including suture material, injectable drugs, sterile and latex gloves, and pain relievers for women recovering from cesarean section.
  • Purchase items for food packets the hospital gives to the malnourished and critically needy. This is especially important now through April, when the harvest begins.
  • Maintain the cervical cancer prevention clinic.

Dr. Julia Musariri describes conditions at the hospital here.

Questions? Email us at info@betterhealthcareforafrica.org