Construction of two-room houses for child-headed households by Muvonde Mission Hospital

Muvonde Mission Hospital has built 36 two-room houses for the poorest of full orphans who are struggling to survive after the death of their parents, often from AIDS. The first three photos in the slideshow below are examples of houses in which orphans have lived, often in great misery. Many have AIDS or are HIV positive. The hospital’s orphan housing project replaces such deteriorating structures with solid two-room houses.

The remaining slides show how the new two-room houses are constructed, usually with help from the community. The houses cost  about US$2,000 each to build, and the hospital needs to build ten more for very poor full orphans in its district. The money to build the houses comes entirely from donations. If you would like to help Muvonde hospital construct the additional houses, please donate here and indicate that you would like to help the Muvonde housing project. (Photos provided by Muvonde Mission Hospital.)