Equipment and Supplies

BHA helped Brother’s Brother Foundation (BBF) and Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach supply and support a 40-foot container of donated medical supplies that  BBF shipped to St. Albert’s Mission Hospital this summer.

BHA purchased a large refurbished autoclave for Muvonde Mission Hospital, which BBF shipped to Muvonde as part of another container shipment this autumn.
Muvonde performs an impressive number of surgeries daily, including mastectomies  and prostatectomies for cancer, and cataract and glaucoma surgery.

They had been  without a large autoclave since 1990. Through BBF, BHA worked with International Orthodox Christian Charities to provide five pediatric wheelchairs for St. Albert’s and for Mutemwa Leprosy and Care Centre in Zimbabwe.

Global Links Suture Program provided hundreds of sutures that BHA shipped to St. Albert’s, which shared many of them with other mission hospitals.