ZCBC Pastoral Letter About Conditions in Zimbabwe

Hi, Everyone –

BHA is a sectarian and nonpolitical organization. At the same time, we want you to know about the current economic, social and political events that affect St. Albert’s Mission Hospital. BHA’s mission is to help St. Albert’s in particular provide care to the sick and injured. We offer this post to help you understand the hospital’s circumstances and needs as we appeal for your support.

Attached for download is the letter “Rebuild Hope, Trust, Confidence and Stability in Zimbabwe” from the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference dated 17 January 2019 giving its perspective about events in the country.

The letter opens with

“…disowning a recent statement issued in our name during the recent stay-away that started on 14 January 2019. We, the Catholic Bishops of Zimbabwe, never issued any statement during that period. We are dismayed that our name was abused in the manner it was.”

The main body of the letter begins:

(2) We, the Bishops of the Catholic Church in Zimbabwe, have observed with increasing concern and alarm the state of our Zimbabwean nation from the time of the military – assisted political change that took place in November 2017 to the total shutdown of Zimbabwe’s major cities and rural trading centres that began on Monday, 14 January 2019.

Read and download the letter
Pastoral Letter of the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference on current affairs in the country, 17 January 2019