Autoclave purchased for Muvonde Mission Hospital

Better Healthcare for Africa (BHA) has purchased a large autoclavethat has been desperately needed by Muvonde Hospital (also called Driefontein Mission Hospital) to sterilize surgical instruments and other items needed for surgery. Muvonde Hospital is located 120 miles south of Harare.

Refurbished autoclave of the type purchased by BHA for Muvonde Hospital.

The refurbished, $7,500 autoclave measures 24” x 36” x 60”. It was rebuilt by and purchased from CHOSEN Mission Project and included in a container of donated medical supplies assembled for Muvonde Hospital and Nyadire Hospital by Brother’s Brother Foundation (BBF). BBF shipped the container to Zimbabwe Oct. 17.

Muvonde Hospital has 190 beds and a School of Nursing. It has been without a large autoclave since 1990, says administrator Mr. Musvolen Zhou. “We have been relying on two small [autoclaves], which have to work almost the whole day due to the number of items which need to be autoclaved,” he said by email. “The new autoclave will mean saving electrical power, saving manpower [because workers must] attend the autoclave everyday and the whole day, and it will prompt provision of sterile material to user departments.”

Muvonde was one of five hospitals visited by BHA in March 2011. The hospital performs a high number of surgeries (528 major and 469 minor surgeries in 2009), including prostatectomies, mastectomies and emergencies, three or more per day. Two days a week are reserved for eye surgeries for cataracts and glaucoma.

The crated autoclave in the Brother's Brother warehouse ready for loading into the container and shipment to Muvonde Mission Hospital.

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