St. Albert’s Mission Hospital – Update Dec. 2011

Dr Elizabeth Tarira sent the following message earlier this week from Rome, where she has been for a number of weeks.

Dear Friends,

Here is a bit of news from your St Albert’s Mission Hospital. Please, do not get frightened of my English. These days I tend to think, dream and write in Italian since it’s the language I am currently using.

The life at St Albert’s goes on as usual, but with a lot of challenges. The government is unable to assist us at all, but our friends the Chinese are carrying away the little that the country has towards the East. We are able to go ahead with our work of healing because there are angels like you who continue to help us. Thank you so much!

We received four containers full of all goodies (medical supplies, equipment both medical and building, exercise books, clothes for the poor, food etc).  Three were from Rock No War and Luisa Guidotti Missionary Group and one from America—Brother’s Brother Fountation, Better Healthcare for Africa and Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach.

The Waiting Mothers Home under construction is 80 percent complete funded by Radio Deejay and CESVI. At least the poor mothers can be welcome in a dignified home and be worthy to be called precious mothers. It is a huge complex with 12 more rooms. Medicines for the sick regularly arrive from Luisa Guidotti Missionary Group, the only entity that is assisting us with some running costs of the Hospital.

The orphans are still going to school, thanks to the tireless parents at long distance that are sacrificing for these children who are the future of our country. We used to cry tears of blood for the lack of water for the Hospital and the community around the Mission, now the water purifying plant has been completed. Hats off to our Ferrara friends who have committed themselves to maintain the running of the plant. The School of Nursing is ongoing. We do not forget many other friends who in times of crisis chip in with their support.

Your close friends of the International Medical Association on the frontline in Italy, India and Zimbabwe continue to work hard carrying out the mission activities also on your behalf. Without your support it would be impossible for us to carry out meaningful service to the needy. One of our workforce on the frontline, is not too well, she is fighting the cancer that has invaded the bones, and is currently being treated in Italy. Continue praying hard so that Elizabeth can be restored back to health so that can continue the battle in the field against disease, suffering and pain of others.

The Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference Health Commission has embarked on a three year program of helping other Mission Hospitals that are in need. Five ambulances have been purchased and other 5 are in the pipe line, drugs and various medical supplies were purchased. Trainings of the Hospital managers were done.

We thank God who takes care of all, at St Albert’s there are three doctors working full time.

What shall we do with the crisis all over the world that is striking more and more on the generous group of people who have been helping the other poor in under developed countries? We better leave these worries in the hands of God!

We greet you with affection and love.

St Albert’s Hospital Staff [Elizabeth and Co.]

Christmas Card 2011