Conditions at St. Albert’s Mission Hospital

Hi, Everyone

There have been many news reports recently about deteriorating conditions in Zimbabwe. Here is how how those conditions are affecting St. Albert’s Mission Hospital.

On Sunday, 13 January, the Zimbabwe government announced a 150 percent increase in diesel and petrol prices. A three-day general stay-away (strike) began the next day that shut down Zimbabwe, and the government and government supporters responded violently (Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission report)

17 January: St Albert’s township was quite during the stay-away. All shops were close for three days for fear of arson. Public transport was unavailable. Afterward, the hospital was not busy because people could not afford the increased fares.

The hospital’s greatest needs include analgesics for post-surgery women, suture material, injectable medicines, and sterile and latex gloves.

The hospital also needs funds to pay for the servicing of hospital vehicles that are also used as ambulances. “We have failed to raise the $2 500 and $3 600 needed to bring the vehicles back from the garages,” says Dr. Julia Musariri.

Keep well, everyone, and please consider giving to BHA. Your donations will help St. Albert’s meet critical needs. Thank you…Darrell