Christmas 2008 – St. Albert’s

Hello, BHA supporters –

Click here to download a PDF of Christmas 2008 – St. Albert’s Mission Hospital, an accordion-fold book that I made to honor Dr. Elizabeth Tarira. Elizabeth was director of St. Albert’s from 1999 to 2012. I met her in 2000 when I first visited St. Albert’s during a Fulbright-grant funded project, and I came to know her well. She died of recurrent breast cancer in July 2012. The book presents an eight-paragraph email that Elizabeth sent to hospital supporters shortly before Christmas 2008. In it, she described conditions at the hospital and suggested how donors might help her and the hospital cope with those conditions. She closes her email in way that expresses her positive, buoyant spirit. The paragraphs are presented one at a time followed by a photo of mine, most taken during a visit in 2009.

Today, 10 years later, Dr. Julia Musariri and the staff at St Albert’s are coping with very similar conditions. Dr. Musariri describes them in this three-minute video recorded during our visit in September 2018.

BHA needs your support if we are to continue helping Dr. Musarir and reducing suffering from cancer at St. Albert’s and Karanda hospitals. Please send a donation when you can.

Thank you and keep well…Darrell