Please donate to BHA this holiday season

Dear Friends –

I want to thank the friends of BHA for their generous support in the past and to ask that, as you contemplate your year-end charitable giving, you include a donation to BHA.

Pregnant women awaiting delivery at the St. Albert’s mother’s shelter.

Your past donations…

have saved lives and eased suffering for thousands of women, children and men in Zimbabwe. They have supported cervical cancer prevention programs at St. Albert’s and Karanda mission hospitals. Together, the programs have screened 22,000 women and averted many cancers. Your donations have enabled St. Albert’s to replace broken and outdated equipment, purchase antibiotics, sutures, sterile gloves and other essentials, and they are providing clean water to the hospital during power outages.

Your donations enabled St. Albert’s director Dr. Julia Musariri to undertake an innovative income-earning poultry project, helping the hospital cope with Zimbabwe’s worsening economic challenges. The hospital is selling eggs produced by a thousand laying hens using the income to purchase gloves, suture and drugs and pay the electric bill. The eggs provide protein for a growing number of hungry in the community.

St. Albert’s poultry project, November 2019

In 2020, we will use your donations to:

  • Support cervical cancer prevention and education at St. Albert’s and Karanda hospitals;
  • Help purchase an anesthesia machine;
  • Replace aging solar batteries so that surgeries, clinics and the cervical screening can continue when the electrical grid fails;
  • Support efforts to improve women’s health;
  • Promote HPV vaccination and screening to prevent cervical cancer;
  • Promote breast examination to reduce suffering from breast cancer;
  • Provide cancer education for healthcare providers and communities;
  • Promote awareness of HIV disease and its link to cancer and to prevent HIV infection;
  • Help St. Albert’s and Karanda meet unexpected shortages.

Please make your donation here.

Thank you again, stay well and have a happy, healthy and peaceful holiday season…Darrell