An Urgent Request for Help

Hello, Everyone – On 22 March 2018, BHA received an email from Dr. Musariri, the director of St. Albert’s Mission Hospital, asking for help in the purchase of critically needed drugs and supplies. We sent an email to BHA supporters seeking donations and received about $2,700. We sincerely thank all those who contributed. BHA then sent a little over $5,000 to St. Albert’s, which helped Dr. Musariri though the crisis, though the need was much greater. Below is the appeal we sent to supporters, which included Dr. Musariri’s original email. Please note that BHA will gratefully accept donations to help the hospital meet future critical needs and to continue the hospital’s cancer prevention programs. Please note also that BHA is an all-volunteer organization with very little overhead, so nearly all your donation goes to help the hospital.
Thank you and keep well…Darrell

Hi, Everyone –
I’m writing to ask you for a contribution to help BHA raise $5,000 to meet an urgent need for basic drugs and supplies at St. Albert’s Mission Hospital. Dr. Julia Musariri, director of St. Albert’s, recently sent the following email:
“Dear Darrell,
This morning the pharmacist brought me an urgent list of commodities. It is becoming more and more difficult to manage patients. Could you help me if it is possible so that I could procure them. I know that it is also difficult for BHA. The list she brought me cost $22,800.00, and I told her to trim it. Stay blessed.”
The trimmed list is attached and totals $5,000. It describes simple, highly effective medications and intravenous fluids essential for basic patient care. Zimbabwe and its healthcare system are in severe economic distress. Medical supplies are scarce. Doctors at national hospitals have been on strike for more than three weeks, causing people to travel to St. Albert’s and other mission hospitals for treatment.
Please send a donation to help Dr. Musariri meet this urgent need. You can use PayPal on the BHA website or mail a check payable to “Better Healthcare for Africa” to:
Better Healthcare for Africa
P.O. Box 361132
Columbus, OH 43236-1132
Thank you and keep well…Darrell