Zimbabwe stay-home order began Monday, 30 March

We received this update today from Medical Superintendent Dr. Julia Musairi at St. Albert’s.

“I and and all the others at St. Albert’s are still well. It is a rather stressful time for us. The Pandemic to date we are told there are eight who tested positive. Of the eight, we had one tragic death. These numbers could be under reported. The good news for the time being is that no one has pitched up with the signs and symptoms of the disease. I feel that it could be the calm before a heavy storm.

They proclaimed a lock down that started yesterday [Monday, 30 March]. The self-employed hawkers have no homes in our towns; they rent a room. The landlords will want their dues when the income is not on hand. Three weeks is a long time for most of them. They live from hand to mouth. It is a necessary thing. But those who stayed in town in order to eke out a living have now retraced their foot prints to the rural home. Thus if has the infection of Covid-19, [we will] therefore have epicenters in the rural areas. I shudder to have such a situation. With our scanty PPE [masks and other personal protective equipment], we die like flies no matter how careful one might be.