Status of St. Albert’s as COVID-19 arrives in Zimbabwe

Hi, Everyone – Last Saturday, Zimbabwe reported its first two cases of COVID-19. One of those, Zororo Makamba, 30, a prominent television journalist, has died of the disease. He had been in isolation at Wilkins hospital, the designated coronavirus isolation centre in Harare.

The journalist had been treated in 2019 for a rare condition called Myasthenia gravis, a chronic, neuromuscular illness.

With the arrival of COVID-19 in the country, Dr. Julia Musariri wrote to say that St. Albert’s is poorly prepared if cases should arrive at the hospital.

“We have no protective gear at all. We are completely exposed. The gloves, masks, sanitizers are beyond the reach of the majority of us. The water in many towns and villages is also inadequate. We are still going on with our daily routine. There is no shut down except the closure of schools, universities and colleges.

“We have put a container with water at the gate for all who enter to wash the hands. We dread the eventuality of a suspect with symptoms pitching up. We try to be brave. No testing. We have to transfer the patient with suspected symptoms. We are incapacitated at the maximum level. Stay blessed.”

An additional note: Since writing this, Dr. Musariri was notified that a few N-95 masks were available from an anonymous donor.

Keep well…Darrell